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How does Crisp compare with Zendesk? What's the best customer messaging platform? What is the best alternative to Zendesk? Discover our exhaustive comparison table between Crisp and Zendesk.

Zendesk founders were precursors when they built their company back in 2007. Since then, they have built a great 360° customer service platform which is much more than a simple ticketing software.

Crisp and Zendesk are different and equal at the same time. Crisp has been built on a messaging basis when Zendesk come from the emails and ticketing software which means two different culture.

Still, product orientation are quite equivalent, for different results. If you're looking for an alternative to Zendesk, here are some reasons you should consider when looking over Crisp.

Looking for Zendesk alternatives?

Reason #1

Stop considering your customers as ticket numbers

Nowadays, customers want to feel the human part of every company. Zendesk has built a great product but dealing with customers request by assigning number is the worst way to humanize your customers' relationship.

At Crisp, we consider each message has to be seen as a ticket without the number thing. That's why, in Crisp Inbox, you have ongoing conversations, resolved conversations and unread conversations.

That's it. We recently introduced a modern way of dealing with ticket which is called "Threads".

Reason #2

Start humanizing each conversation

Zendesk has bought Zopim in 2014 to offer a Live Chat to their customers. As it's not their first priority, Zendesk Chat didn't follow last technology evolution.

With Crisp Live Chat, you can start audio and video chat straight from any browser without any additional plugin. Thanks to Web RTC technology, you can now start to humanize your customers relationship thourgh audio and video chat directly from Crisp.

This is the perfect tool to empower your brand and immediately understand customers' problem that can be tricky to explain when using the live chat.

  • Fair Pricing PolicyCrisp offers free and paid plans. All our plans come with flat pricing so you can, expect what you pay at the end of the month.Learn more
  • No engagementWe want to you to be free to leave whevener you want. That's why Crisp plans come with no engagement.Learn more
  • Free trialEver bought something without any trial? That's why all our plans come with a trial of 14 days without any CC's requiredLearn more

Reason #3

Bring customers' experience to another level

The best companies realize that crafting a world-class customer experience builds sustainable growth.

On the other side, websites and software tend to become more and more complex, at every stage of the customer lifecycle. To help customers, Crisp offers the ability to co-browse with your users to assist them.

You can even take control of their screen without any additional plugin. With our co-browsing software, our customers can assist their users in real-time, close more deals and better understand UX issues.

Reason #4

Pricing that doesn't ring the bell!

Compared to Zendesk, Crisp comes with a simple pricing that offers unlimited usage of the product.

Crisp offers a flat price for every companies, no matter the number of agents, contacts or the growth of your company.

Starting from 0$/mo, Crisp comes with a free live chat that can go much deeper than a simple chat widget. Check it out!

200,000 brands are already using Crisp to improve their customer experience

Discover how Zendesk compare with Crisp

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Highest Plan
Chat Seat Included
Additional seat
Annual billing for 10 users
Customers' ratings
Mobile Apps
Desktop Apps
Speed Impact
Chat trigger
Canned responses
Message Sneak-peek
Visitors details
Javascript integration
Routing rules
Visitor Banning
Chatbot builder
Chatbot API
Customizable live chat
Drip email & chat campaign
CRM integrations
Zapier Integrations
Branding removal
Live translate
Chat transcript
Co Browsing
Video and audio calls
Tags & Segments
File sharing
Facebook & Twitter Integration
Shared inbox
Knowledge base

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