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Take control of the situation and provide realtime customer support. Through your live chat, allow your agents to offer a walkthrough to your customers. Our cobrowsing software provides realtime assistance through shared browsing and live chat. Take control of users' screen and offer the perfect customer experience instantly. Simply point, scroll, click and share notes with your team in realtime inside your customers' browser tabs. No matter where your customers are on your website, no plugin needed. The only things you need to get started with co-browsing is a live chat.

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You, neither your customer, need to install any extensions

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Improve support, drive sales and build optimal customer experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Co-browsing is a safe technology because of how it differs from traditional screen sharing. The main difference between co-browsing and screen sharing is that, with co-browsing, your agents only have access to your own website’s page on the user’s computer. Plus, there are no downloads of software required by the user or the agent.With co-browsing you are typically able to hide form inputs (such as credit card data) from your agents. Because users don’t have to install any third party app, you don’t have to worry about firewalls or company device policies blocking the screen sharing software. The interactive features of co-browsing are limited to your own website and unlike other remote-desktop software like Team Viewer they do not need special computer permission to function.

It refers to the joint navigation through the internet between two people or more accessing the same website. By combining real-time experience and human relationships through a web browser, companies are now able to bring customer support to another level. cobrowsing software don't need to be installed anymore. Through browser connection, you can now cobrowse with websites' visitors and take control of the user screen without any additional plugins. As an interesting statistics, 78% of customers get satisfied with co-browsing to 47% for self-service support.

Sometimes, co-browsing softwares require a third-party plugin. Using Crisp, you can co-browse with your customers without any other plugin than our live chat solution.

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