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Take control of the situation and provide realtime customer support. Through your live chat, allow your agents to offer a walkthrough to your customers. Our cobrowsing software provides realtime assistance through shared browsing and live chat. Take control of users' screen and offer the perfect customer experience instantly. Simply point, scroll, click and share notes with your team in realtime inside your customers' browser tabs. No matter where your customers are on your website, no plugin needed. The only thing you need to get started with co-browsing is a live chat.

No added extensions

You, neither your customer, need to install any extensions

Engage in a minute

Take control in a seamless way for your users

Show, don't tell

Improve support, drive sales and build optimal customer experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Collaborative browsing (also known as co-browsing) is a software-enabled technique that allows someone in a contact center to interact with a customer by using the customer's Web browser to show them something on the website they are browsing at the moment. It doesn't require any additional plugin that's why it's pretty powerful in terms of customer experience.

Co-browsing is absolutely safe! It only lets you see the tab where your widget is installed and not the entire browser nor the computer. You can even hide sensitive information using specific markups.

That is one of the major advantage co-browsing offer: you don't need any additional plugin to start to cobrowse with your website visitors.

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