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Ticketing system, made cool and efficient for customer support

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Much more than your traditional online ticketing system

Ticketing management systems have been around for years, helping businesses to improve the way they deal with customer service. However, they've made the customer service experience less human, replacing customers' name with numbers. We're making ticketing systems better by placing the customer at the center of the experience. Our ticketing software will help your agents to keep an eye on customer support requests in one central shared inbox while taking advantages from all the features included.

Ticketing system made for real-time conversations

Traditionaly, IT ticketing systems are seen as an asynchronous channel. Most of the time, getting an answer immediately is a wild dream. Thanks to Crisp shared inbox, built on top of your ticket center, you can deal with tickets in real-time to make customer experience even better. With our ticketing software you can handle tickets as conversations and take benefits from all the features included in our shared inbox: knowledge base, canned message, chatbots and many others.

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Streamline your customer service ticket management

Each company has different processes with different tools used for specific tasks, that's why being able to streamline tasks between your different software is crucial for the efficiency of your company. Crisp offers a wide range of integrations that will help your customer service, sales or marketing teams to transfer data and assign tasks effortlessly among the entire company.

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Remove the hassle of ticket management

No more switching between multiple tools or missing out on follow ups and delaying replies. Do everything in one place.


Sync Information

Integrate and sync leads, contacts and account from your database

Follow ticket status

Monitor the status of your ongoing tickets

Private space for ticket creation

Let your customers create ticket when they need to

Conversational tickets, automated

As tickets are seen as conversations inside Crisp, you can take benefits of our chatbot software to make customer experience automated. Build bots to bring a first level of customer support to incoming tickets. Whatever your availability, you'll always be able to bring consistency and set expectations.

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Assign tickets automatically

Take advantage of automated routing rules

Monitor customer service quality

Bring in more qualitative work thanks to CSAT monitoring

Automate the painful work

Take advantages of bots to build a delightful customer experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

A ticketing system, also known as helpdesk ticketing system or desk ticketing system, is a customer service software that helps companies manage customer service requests and support cases such as bugs, feedback request or sales opportunity. The system or tool creates a 'ticket' which documents customer requests and interactions over time, making it easier for customer service agents to resolve complicated issues.

A ticketing system works by first creating a document, or 'ticket', that saves the message on a support or service that relates to the customer. The ticket is shared between both the customer service agent and the customer and logs their communication to one continuous thread. It is important to note that not every customer message should be a ticket, that's why there should be different ways of interactif with companies, whether it's conversational or through a ticket system. If there's any confusion, or if a detail is overlooked, both parties can refer back to the thread at any point to review past information on the case. Once the ticket is created, reps can then work on the issue on their end. When they have updates, they can alert the customer throughout the ticketing software. If the customer has any questions in the meantime, they can use the ticket to communicate with the customer service rep. The ticketing system sends a notification to the agent that there has been a response, and the rep can answer it immediately, or not.

Ticketing systems help customer service teams better prioritize their assignments, so they can create a more enjoyable customer experience. The more customers you have interacting with your company higher the volume of customer support and service cases will be. Unless you hire more customer service reps to match the rising demand, this uptick puts more pressure on your team to multi-task and resolve problems simultaneously. Adding a ticketing system to your help desk is a great way to overcome this roadblock as it provides scalable solutions for your customer service reps. It is aimed at helping regarding organizational matters because it helps to classify and route conversations.

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