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Personalize your message

Crisp's Drip Campaigns can be used to retarget your leads manually or automatically.

Create a message just as if you were sending a one-to-one message.Personalize it using Crisp Data.

Messages can contain images and videos.

Create fine-grained segments

Using the Crisp CRM information, you can create fine-grained marketing campaigns.

It allows you to target people who visited your site a few days ago, or who are in a specific country.

You can use your own data to segment users.


Your campaign is ready to send

Crisp delivers your message by email/chat and reaches your customers one-by-one. You have the control if you make any mistakes.

Let’s notify users

They'll receive your message by email or in-app.

Let your customers reply

Your customers can reply to your campaign.
You can then use the power of the Crisp Inbox to reply at scale.
Re: Follow Up
Hi Christian!

Thank you for your proposal, yes, I am still interested.

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