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Improving customer relations is all about service and support. However, customer retention goes beyond high-quality customer service. To improve customer experience on a global level, you have to engage with your customers to build an ever-lasting relationship. Not only the money they spend on your business is important, but the interactions you have with each of them. Customer engagement marketing can make all the difference when talking about activation and retention. Indeed, using the Crisp customer engagement platform that centralizes all custom communications, tracks customer behavior and helps teams inside the company to personalize each interaction will improve your product adoption.

Make every customer journey unique

As each customer is different, each journey is different too. To craft the best experience, companies have to personalize each interaction to make users feel unique. Using our customer engagement software, you can personalize each message to build a proactive strategy using emails, live chat, chatbots or all of them. Design simple or complex customer experiences to create repeat buyers, and loyal customers and improve customer satisfaction thanks to our customer engagement platform.

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Bet on customer experience first

Scaling activation and onboarding are complex tasks, especially at high volume, in competitive environments. With Crisp Customer engagement platforms build your customers' journey based on customers' interactions. Create the right tracking plan to improve your customers' journey and automate repetitive tasks.

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Craft the most delightful customer engagement strategy

Features to build the best interactions with your customers

Sync Information from your CRM

Integrate and sync leads, contacts and accounts from your CRM

Forget about coding skills

Craft messages with our WYSIWYG editor

Fine-grained targeting options

Decide who gets a message based on advanced filtering options

Make things personal

Forget about a generic conversation with your customers or leads. Combine behavioral data and customer data to send customers the right message at the right time on the right channel. Our customer engagement platform comes with a data management platform that unites your customer data into one central place. Thanks to integrations with Segments or by using our APIs, you can make data flow easily for an everlasting relationship with your customers.

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Personalize variables

Compose messages based on user's data

Track customers' lifecycle

Remember what was the last key action

Make your work collaborative

Templates are shared among the entire organization
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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer engagement is the act of interacting with customers through multiple channels to build a stronger relationship with them. Multiple businesses believe this process starts with the first interaction and extends beyond the point of purchase. Using the right customer engagement software will help your company to engage on multiple channels and your customers, to choose whether or not, to interact with messages from your company. To sum up, customer engagement is the ability of a company to engage and retain users through pre-defined proactive messages that add value to the customer experience.

Customer engagement, which also involves lead engagement regroups 3 key steps in every company's funnel: acquire, engage and retain. Building the right customer engagement strategy will make your customer experience stand out from the crowd. Sending proactive messages in between purchases or feature activation strengthens their emotional connection with your brand. It will even incite your users to invest more in your product. It's now easy for you to understand that there is a direct correlation between how engaged your customers are and how profitable your business is.

A customer engagement platform is a platform that helps you to engage with your leads or customers through multiple touchpoints they can generate with your business. It centralizes a dataset of interactions with your product or service from a specific audience, ranging from leads to customers. Leads and customers are now living in an omnichannel world where they engage on multiple channels and expect to get fast and qualitative replies. Customer engagement platform enables companies to deliver the right message at the right time on the right channel using data such as devices, order history, customer service status, and activity on your product.

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