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Much more than just a live chat software

Beyond chat software, Crisp simplifies your customer support by offering a wide range of features to make your life easier. Regularly nominated as one of the best live chat software, Crisp is much more than a chat for your website. Using Crisp will help your team benefit from an incredible shared inbox experience. Respond to your website visitors from one solution and reduce your costs thanks to our live chat app!

Get 2x More Sales Using Automation

Statistics show that website visitors who receive assistance through a chat app for support are more likely to make a purchase. With our free chat software, you can send automated messages that create a proactive customer service which converts visitors into opportunities.

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Have a Richer Conversation

Business messaging doesn't have to be robotic. With Crisp, you can create a personalized experience for your customers.

Integrated knowledge base

Users can access help articles and resolve issues directly from our Live Chat

Chatbot scenarios

Build advanced chatbot scenarios to automate your customer onboarding.

GIFs + Video Preview

Create personal and modern conversational experiences using GIFs and videos.

File sharing

Share files, images, and documents directly from the chat widget.


Connect the Crisp Live Chat to social networks like Messenger or Instagram


A fun game that helps to keep your visitors engaged when you are offline.

Customize your Livechat

From colors and languages, to positions; you can customize our chat widget to fit with your brand so it adapts with your website, your mobile app or your e-commerce store to enhance confidence and maximize sales.

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Gather all communications in one shared inbox

Let your customers contact you through their favorite day-to-day messaging apps, while you maintain a single dashboard for all of your replies on a dedicated platform. Our platform is connected to many third-party messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, Email, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Twilio (SMS), Line and WhatsApp. It simplifies your customer support.

Translate your chat messages in realtime

Become a worldwide brand using LiveTranslate. This feature enables you to translate your chat messages in realtime. Reply to customers using your native language and it will be automatically translated to your customer's language so they can enjoy a better customer support experience.

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The first video chat for customers

Scheduling calls with customers can be complicated. Customers are usually required to set up third-party software in order to communicate with your team. With our live chat software, your customers can enjoy video and audio calls out of the box, in real time. No plug-in or software to install, just a joyful and human experience.

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When your customers would rather have you do it for them, Crisp lets you co-browse with your website visitor without any other plugin than our live chat software. Guide leads to increased sales, assists customers having hard times ... Your agents are going to love it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Live chat software are more and more popular among companies, especially when they're willing to offer live chat support. To make it clear, a live chat is an online communication tool that enables you and your website visitors to chat in real-time. Chat software is a great alternative to phone calls or emails because chat systems lie on the website of companies, the place where users are the most willing to get in touch with businesses. Online chat take place inside a chatbox that is part of the live chat app. The thing is that your visitors don't need to install any third party app on their device. Start a chat with you, they just have to click on that beautiful bubble and engage a conversation. When clicking on the bubble, a chatbox appears inside which, you visitors will be able to send and receive message from your business.

Benefits of a live chat are numerous and can take your company to another level in terms of customer service and sales. In fact, chat app for websites are just a new communication channel. A livechat software can improve conversion rate, increase the average order value, collect valuable customer data (feedback, review, contact details), increase lead generation, offer a consistent customer support through a 24/7 chatbot that can take the lead when your team is asleep, cut your average response time down to less than 5 minutes. There are many more advantages for a business to use a live chat app for website. Talking about customers, live chat has also a wide range of features: report problems without using external communication channels, Little to no waiting period, makes the experience pleasant and satisfying, don't have to repeat themselve (data is stored and everything is available in a wink for chat support agents) and many other features!

It depends on your requirement! For example at Crisp we have different plan. We offer a free live chat software that you can install on your website with no limitation! You can have two agents to answer your website visitors in real time. It comes with a web app and mobile apps to let you answer your customers even if you're not in front of your desk. Most of the other live chat service providers such as Zendesk, LiveAgent, Hubspot or Olark, are billing per agents. Meaning the more you add agents, the more you'll pay. At Crisp, we believe that you shouldn't pay more to improve the quality of your customer service through live chat. That's why we have a billing system that doesn't rely on agents but on websites. Our unlimited plan offer an unlimited number of agents for a flat price, nothing more.

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