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Unlimited History
FromCrisp pro
If your lead comes back in a month, you still have access to your previous conversations.
FromCrisp pro
"Do you have any question about our pricing?" This is the kind of message you can send automatically using Crisp Triggers. Build your own rules and target your potential leads!
Canned Responses
FromCrisp pro
Customers always ask the same questions. You will save a lot of time by adding your favourite anwers to Crisp. You will reply faster than light 💡
Private Notes
FromCrisp pro
Scaling customer support requires team work. Use private notes to talk each other. You can also mention your colleagues using @someone. This someone will then be notified.
FromCrisp pro
Fit your brand with Crisp! Adapt text, colors to get a uniform branding.
Audio Messages
FromCrisp pro
🎙 Send quick audio messages to your customers to reply on the go.
Reply from Slack
FromCrisp pro
Are you a busy team using Slack? Crisp covers you. Reply to your customers directly from Slack!
Facebook Messenger
FromCrisp pro
1 Billion people are using Facebook Messenger. Unify your customer experience by replying to customers directly from Crisp.
Twitter DM
FromCrisp pro
Reply to your Twitter followers directly from Crisp.
FromCrisp pro
Manage your directly from Crisp and unify your customer experience. It's compatible with or other integrations.
FromCrisp pro
Your customers can reach you directly over Telegram.
FromCrisp pro
MagicMap is a live overview of where customers are. See all your active visitors on a map in realtime!
Internal Search
FromCrisp pro
Busy teams will love your search engine. Write something and find your leads in instant.
Block Users
FromCrisp pro
Unfortunately, people are sometimes assholes. Block them using this feature. Crisp blocks the IP. They won't notice anything.
FromCrisp unlimited
See your visitor's screen live. MagicBrowse is the fairest unfair advantage a business can have! By giving you a view of your visitor’s screen, you’ll be able to close more deals and resolve more support tickets.
Automated Replies
FromCrisp unlimited
Busy teams need some rest! Enable the Crisp Auto-Responder when you are offline to auto-reply to your customers
Automated Campaigns
FromCrisp unlimited
The Crisp Campaigns and Drip Campaigns allow to onboard, engage and retarget your customers. You can send personal emails to users segments and follow your open-rate.
FromCrisp unlimited
The Crisp users system allows you to manage, edit and export all your users and leads information. From conversations, social networks, company information, phone number, everything is in one place.
Video Calls
FromCrisp unlimited
60% of scheduled calls never happen. Crisp solves this issue by including audio/video calls, which let you make direct contact with customers. No external plugin required.
FromCrisp unlimited
Make data-driven decisions with Crisp Analytics. Get up-to-date analytics on your chats, satisfaction ratings, emails, and employee efficiency.
FromCrisp unlimited
Using the Crisp SMS / Twilio feature, your customers can communicate with you using SMS.
Reply from Zendesk
FromCrisp unlimited
Your team sticks to Zendesk? No problem! Crisp is integrated with Zendesk. You can reply to Crisp chats from Zendesk. Your colleagues won't notice any change.
User Ratings
FromCrisp unlimited
Improve your user experience by getting true feedback from your customers. Crisp sends transcripts to your customers. It allows them to give a feedback. You'll see then if it's a love story between you and your users.
No Crisp Logo
FromCrisp unlimited
Remove Crisp logos as your brand won't be affiliated with Crisp.

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Simple and comprehensive billing.

  • Fair pricing.At Crisp, we believe that customer relationship should be a part of every business. All our plans have been designed to fit most business needs.
  • Cancel anytime.Cancel anytime after you subscribed to a plan. You are only committed to pay the month you subscribed to, no further.
  • Consolidated billing.Crisp bills you once per payment method per month. We do accept most credit cards cards as well as PayPal. All bills are consolidated across websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We offer discounts if you are taking multiple paid Crisp website (Crisp Pro or Crisp Unlimited) under the same account. We offer 25% on each additional inbox. This means if you have multiple (different teams) you can have separate inboxes for each team under one Crisp account. Go chat with us!

A Crisp website is another name for a "Crisp team", into which you can invite operators to collaborate and answer customer questions. A Crisp website is tied to a specific livechat identifier, which you can install on one or multiple domains (eg:,, etc). It is not tied to a single domain. Plans are billed per-crisp inbox, so you only pay per livechat identifier, not per domain and sub-domains. As an example, you can have one Crisp website (team) and install it on multiple domains (which would constitute as one plan). If you operate multiple businesses and wish to have multiple separate Crisp website then we can keep it all under one plan with a discount for each additional Crisp website. You can contact us and chat with us if you have any question about it.

We offer a 50% discount for nonprofits and students. Chat with us to get your promo code.

Yes, it is possible! You can enable yearly payment mode in your Plans page in the Crisp app, after you subscribed to a plan (click on the Monthly button, which then becomes Yearly once saved).

At Crisp, we believe existing chat platforms are still locked in the past. Why would we bill based on consumption (as all others do), while we are used to unlimited plans everywhere else (mobile carriers, Internet access providers, etc.)? Unlimited is peace of mind at the end of the month; this allows you to allocate more energy to your core business rather than petty subscription policies.

The best is to start using it!

Crisp has plans, from free to paid, that scale with your needs.Start using Crisp