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Our Partnership Programs

Marketing Program

Promote Crisp to your networks and get rewarded!

Technology Program

Integrate your application into our marketplace and get more customers!

For who?

Marketing Program

For all bloggers, agencies, influencers, reviews websites, consulting companies, freelances, incubators, accelerators, etc! To promote Crisp to your customers and highlight the benefits they can have. Get rewarded with a commission or give more advantages to your customers with a discount code. Feel free to contact us to know if you’re eligible.


Technology Program

For all SaaS, technology apps, developers, or any other tech company interested in a technology integration partnership. By integrating your application into our marketplace, you will bring more value, have more visibility, and improve your growth. Feel free to contact us to know if you’re eligible.


Our Programs

Marketing Program
Get a 20% discount code with a free trial or 20% cashback with an affiliate link
Get a referent contact at Crisp
Be part of the Marketing Partnership community on Slack
Training for your teams
Training and webinars for your customers
Access to diverse content (sales documents, videos, and many more)
Get our exclusive partnership newsletter
Conditions: Every discount or cashback works for 1 year as soon as a new customer subscribes to the unlimited plan. Please note that it will be required to promote Crisp with an article or any other content presenting our software and our partnership.
Technology Program
Get a 20% discount code for your customers on the unlimited plan
Get a free trial period on the unlimited plan
Get a referent contact at Crisp
Organize a webinar to launch the partnership
Be part of the Technology Partnership community on Slack
Access to diverse content (sales documents, training, videos, and many more)
Access to our marketplace and our APIs
Get our exclusive partnership newsletter
Conditions: Every discount works for 1 year as soon as a new customer subscribes to the unlimited plan. Please note that if you don't respect our technological rules, we reserve the right to refuse the publication of your application

Why our partners love us?

We are using Crisp ourselves at our SaaS company Upvoty, so it's a no-brainer for me of promoting Crisp on my YouTube channel and Instagram. My audience loves hearing about great software such as Crisp and I love how easy it is for them to sign up which results in a great conversion rate
Mike Slaats - founder of Upvoty
At Teachizy, the support of our trainers customers is one of the pillars of our positioning. We needed a fluid, efficient and intelligent communication tool, and we found it with Crisp! Some of our trainers also wanted to offer this communication tool to their trainees and naturally adopted Crisp on their training spaces. Thanks to the partnership, we are able to offer them a good price: it's a win-win situation and we are delighted!
Soizic Fouilland - Associate at Teachizy
My experience as a marketing partner to the Crisp platform has been great! The Crisp team is very professional and has good people. They are always looking to help their marketing partners: Answering your questions, listening to your suggestions, and providing you with resources to achieve better results. Thanks to my collaboration with the Crisp platform, I have been able to help my clients set up an organized, profitable, and effective customer service system. My clients are satisfied with how the platform works and how easy it is to use to provide better experiences to their customers. Now I'm recommending other people to use Crisp because I like the tool, trust in how it works, and love their support team. If you're reading this because you're considering becoming a Crisp marketing partner, I want to invite you to don't hesitate and take action now. I am sure it will be something positive for you as a professional.
Santiago Quintero Delgado - Founder of Acción Remota
We have been Crisp partners for around four years now, and we are really delighted about this partnership. Each year, about thirty startups start using Crisp, and their feedbacks are really positive. All the perks we offer to our startups fit their needs and resources. The Crisp team is also really responsive and it’s a pleasure to promote this complete and French solution.
Guillaume Cougnaud - Investment & Services Associate at Station F
We've been using Crisp for our customer support endeavors and it has greatly helped Poptin! That's why this partnership with Crisp is something we take pleasure in. The overall experience especially with the development is fast and smooth, and their team is very helpful in every step. The marketplace UI is also very intuitive, not to mention the fast approval process! In a short span of time upon launching our integration, Poptin already garnered 140+ new active installs and it's such an ecstasy seeing the number grow fast through time. I believe this is just the beginning of a more fruitful relationship with Crisp as we share the goal of strengthening more business.
Abbey Claire Dela Cruz - Marketing Manager at Poptin
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To start the process, simply contact us using the chat or at


Take time to talk with our partnership team to assess your profile and see what will suit you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding the partnership programs, the answer is sure to be found below. If not, don't hesitate to ask us!

You can request a transfer once you have reached $250 on the partnership platform by sending a message in the chat or using this email address :

Every discount or cashback will be applied for 1 year as soon as a new customer takes the unlimited plan. So with the discount, the customer will have 20% discount for 12 months; with the affiliate link, you will earn 20% of commission for 12 months.

The partnership has no time limit. Your perks (discount code or affiliate link) last for life. However, we reserve the right to review your partnership if there is no activity or if you don't follow our rules.

Currently, we don't make this offer. With the marketing partnership program, you benefit from either an affiliate link or a discount code to give to your customers.

No, we don't offer that kind of partnership. If you are a reseller, please review the marketing program and contact us if you need more information.

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