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Messaging is the new medium for customer service all over the world. Discover how they manage social messaging customer service and why you should do accordingly.

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We strive to make customer relationship more human

  • “It gives me peace of mind to know that, even if I'm not here, anyone from my team can jump in.“

    Tiphaine Bruel
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  • “Since we've starting using Crisp, I've seen the software evolve nicely.“

    Carlos Costa
    Co-founder and CPO
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  • “Crisp has been amazing and the first thing that really attracted me to, as a techy, was the size of the chat widget.“

    Chris Sees
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  • “Beyond being a chat, it is an engine that allows us to provide really good assistance and service to our customers“

    David Roch
    Digital B2C Manager
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  • “The thing that strucked me the most about was the quality of the help articles. We have everything to be fully autonomous.“

    Gauthier Colson
    Sales Manager
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  • “The thing I like the most about Crisp is the way they feel about why every company should have a live chat on their website.“

    Jordan Chenevier
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  • “Super practical, easy to use and bug free and the tool value the human relationship above everything.“

    Pierre Thomas
    Business Developper
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  • “Analyzing data coming from different conversations inside one tool helps us to make our product far more attractive.“

    Jonathan Lalinec
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  • “A highly reliable system that has been approved by our security and data team.“

    Yoann L'Hélias
    Customer Service Director
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  • “When we got started with Crisp, we quickly noticed that it created a new medium for communication.“

    Ralph Feghali
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  • “A super toolset dedicated to customer service that can connect with your technological stack“

    Arnaud Morvan
    Digital Manager Western Europe
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  • “Crisp is an amazing tool that is customer-focused and helps to build an omnichannel customer service“

    Alexander Barros
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  • “Things began to improve a lot when we got Crisp installed on our website. We use Crisp to be in contact with clients and users.“

    Toni Arrebola Gomez
    CEO & co-founder
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  • “Crisp customer service team is very attentive. We felt supported and considered all along the way“

    Lisandra Fernandes
    Customer Service Manager
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  • “Bridging the gap between sales, marketing and support is incredible for our customer experience“

    Igor Marinelli
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300,000 brands are already using Crisp to improve their customer experience

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Xavier Coiffard

4/ Online Chat: For online chat, I'm a big fan of @crisp_im (for more than 5 years now). The Free plan is enough for all my products and it comes with all the features I need. Bonus point: It's made by an IndieHacker →@baptistejamin


Working on a side project and just integrated @crisp_im for support chat and had it deployed live with @Netlify within two minutes. Some of that @cassidoo S.O. keyboard in action 🔥


Saw @crisp_im in @testimonialto. Implemented @crisp_im in @vaundry. Also, that blue circle matched my anding! Double Win. 🥳 Special thanks to @damengchen 🙌

OneSub 🗞 Better News

Answer the question on everyone's mind... 24/7... 'Is OneSub up?' (Thanks @crisp_im 💙)


I was a website with customer support and while it took sometime to get a response, I got to play a game within the chat window. I was impressed. @crisp_im

Ashley Porciuncula 🧵👇

Just listened in on a chat in @crisp_im while @hicksyfern took a support request and deployed a production fix in 7.5 minutes.

Emir Atlı 🏒

replaced @drift with @crisp_im after some loading problems, and it worked wonderfully my favorite crisp features are live dashboard and uptime monitoring right now

Jim Hill

Crisp is the one. I have tested them all out @mijustin and we have been running out SaaS on it for about 3 months now. It’s illiant software.

Julien Blancher

Have a look at @crisp_im, simple pricing, very affordable and amazing product

Ujwal Ratra

@crisp_im has been working great for us @getastra Highly recommended 🙂

Sergio Mattei 🇵🇷

Crisp is pretty great.

Sachin Rekhi

We are using @crisp_im and it’s been great

Emir Atlı 🏒

also, check @crisp_im out. it is the fastest live chat software

Emir Atlı 🏒

@crisp_im has a built-in feature to assist customers just like teamviewer. i am becoming a crisp fanboy day-by-day

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