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Oussama Ammar

Co-founder at TheFamily

At the Family, we believe that customer care is a key to success on a long-term basis. It’s a thing that every startup should know. When building a startup, chatting with users is a great way to reach product market-fit and understand customers needs. We recommend Crisp to our startups and we use it on our website.

Customer care made easy

Founded in 2013 by Alice Zagury, Oussama Ammar, and Nicolas Colin, TheFamily is a key startup accelerator in Europe. With offices in Paris, London, and Berlin, TheFamily provides infrastructure, education, and advises over 500 European startups.

Iris de Villars

Swingsy founder

I really loved Crisp design. I use some Crisp power features on my websites like MagicBrowse, to understand how my visitors behave.

Crisp Team is always available for help. It’s a great plus.

Valuable website insights.

A multi-skilled entrepreneur, Iris de Villars founded Swingsy, a cooptation-based swingers website and travel agency. Swingsy offers a global experience, providing the best dating site and travel experience for swingers around the world.

Jonathan Asquier

CTO at Trusk

As Trusk is using Slack for team communications, Crisp Slack plugin helps us to communicate with our customers with chat, email and SMS from Slack.

Crisp solves operational issues by allowing us to communicate to hundreds of clients a day, across different countries, using a single interface.

Unified Customer Support.

Trusk is a fast-growing startup providing truck drivers within one hour. With hundreds of deliveries per day, Trusk has strong operational challenges. The Trusk team is using Slack for internal communications, and provides support to users through the Crisp Slack Plugin.

Marc Montagne

Toolwatch founder

Crisp is our favorite choice when it comes to interacting with our users. We were part of the first Crisp users. What seduced us is Crisp attention to design.

Crisp is really easy to install, and simple to use every day.

Customer support made for startups.

Made in Switzerland, Toolwatch is the most convenient way to measure and track the accuracy of your mechanical watches. Toolwatch is also available as a free mobile app, trusted by the watchmaking industry’s leaders and its tens of thousands of monthly users.

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