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Capture customer feedback within Crisp conversations directly and organize them with UserVitals.
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Collect Feedback Directly within Crisp

Select important insights from your chats and collect feedback right within Crisp. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between platforms to review customer conversations.

Organize Customer Insights with Stories

As your product grows, it’s easy to lose track of feedback coming from different avenues. With UserVitals, organize feedback into feature requests and understand your customer needs at-a-glance. Gather real use cases from customers, not just upvotes.

Customer Feedback History at a Glance

Filter through customer feedback and tackle the ones from your most valuable customers within Crisp. Simply open a customer conversation and view their past insights through the side panel.




Created: 1/20/2022

Updated: 5/17/2022

Category: Team Work

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