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Sync WHMCS data to Crisp CRM, verify customers, and get your clients information directly in Crisp.
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Sync WHMCS client data to Crisp CRM

Make full use of Crisp Contacts and Crisp Campaigns by synchronising your WHMCS with Crisp. All your new and existing WHMCS clients will be created and updated in Crisp in real-time, including their data, location and admin notes.

Easy access to WHMCS

With dynamic visitor data and a shortcut to the WHMCS client profile directly from your Crisp chatbox, your support team works more efficiently and always has your clients information at hand and up to date. And there is more! With only one click your support team can view the clients' products, invoices, tickets, open a new ticket or even open the client area. All customizable from your WHMCS installation.

View events directly in Crisp

Client events such as registration, profile edits, logins and logouts are directly published to Crisp, so you can use it to create triggers or campaigns.

Verify your clients identity

Automatically verify your clients identity upon login in your WHMCS installation. Clients that are logged in will automatically appear as verified in your Crisp Dashboard, so you are sure that John Doe is really John Doe.

Automatically segment clients and client groups

Fill in your desired segment for WHMCS clients and let the plugin do the rest. Your clients will be automatically segmented in Crisp with the set segment for clients and their respective client groups.

Implement session continuity for easy conversations

Offer your clients one streamlined customer service experience by allowing sessions to resume and merge upon login. Your clients will always be able to see previous chats with your Crisp agents, no matter on which device they are.




Created: 1/26/2022

Updated: 12/7/2023

Category: CMS

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