Manage and reply Crisp conversations from Slack

This plugin lets you connect your chat widget to Slack to answer your live chat from Slack. It allows you to receive chat messages from visitors and other Crisp integrations right in your Slack.

Benefits of using Crisp and Slack:

  • Have a large team? No need to create a Crisp account per operator: once linked to Slack, we use user profiles from your Slack team.
  • Coordinate operators: receive chat requests on a common channel. Then, decide who will handle chats and join the visitor chat channel in a click.
  • Integrate Crisp to your existing workflow and avoid using too many apps.
  • Messages you send and receive on/from Slack with a visitor are still stored in your Crisp dashboard. Your chat history is safe.
  • Messages sent to a visitor from a Crisp app are synced to Slack, so that everything gets visible in the same place.
  • Commands: want to resolve the chat from Slack? Enter /resolve. Want to get the user email? Enter /email. Want to change it? Enter /email There are many more commands supported.
  • Typing indicator: the visitor still sees when you are typing a message
  • Files: you are still able to send and receive files, right from Slack!