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KrispCall is a Cloud Telephony for modern business for both small & large businesses.
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Initiate Calls Directly from Crisp’s Interface

With Crisp + KrispCall integration, users can instantly initiate calls directly from Crisp’s user interface. By eliminating the need to switch between platforms, this integration simplifies telephony processes, providing a smoother, more integrated calling experience. Therefore, it speeds up telephony communications and improves response times, thereby improving customer service.

Quick and Easy Two-way Contact Syncing

Crisp and KrispCall integration simplifies two-way contact syncing. This feature ensures that your contact lists are always up-to-date. So you can access all contact details from either of the platforms, saving time and minimizing your workload. Whether you’re making calls or managing contacts, this synchronization feature is made for accessibility and is designed to be dependable.

Automatic Logging of Call Notes

With this integration, all your call notes are automatically logged within Crisp, providing a comprehensive record of conversation details. This feature simplifies post-call processes, ensuring that important information is captured and easily accessible. With it, you get to maintain a record of discussions, decisions, and action items without the hassle of manually entering data.

Always Know Who’s Calling

KrispCall + Crisp integration keeps you informed and in control by keeping you informed who is calling at all times. Through this integration, all your caller information is automatically synchronized with KrispCall’s phone records, and with it, you can identify incoming calls promptly within the Crisp interface. This feature enhances professionalism and responsiveness. So you get to deliver a better overall customer engagement experience.




Created: 1/30/2024

Updated: 5/23/2024

Category: Team Work

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