Connect Crisp to third party apps

Deliver the best customer experience by integrating Crisp with your favorite apps.


Request users to share screen recordings & mobile video recordings.
Export your data to your own warehouse.
Message Scheduler
Schedule your customer support messages to be sent later and land in the inbox at the right time.
Connect Crisp as a source and clip customer data from 200 platforms, effortlessly
Easy automation for busy people
Support AI ChatBot
Smart, not annoying ChatGPT-powered chatbot that helps your users when you are out of the office.
Rotic Chatbot
Rotic chatbot plugin on crisp website messenger!
Build a ChatGPT bot, trained on your website and enhance your customer support.
Quick Actions
Tailor your Crisp inbox with customized actions for efficient operations.
Send automated answers on multiple channels
Data Cleaner
Automatically cleanup contacts and delete segments from Crisp to keep your CRM tidy.
Save time by creating shortcut links within the Crisp inbox for your common tools or queries.
Auto-delete your Crisp message
Session Replays & Bug Details. Understand and troubleshoot user-facing issues in seconds.
No summary.
YourGPT AI Bot
Your ChatGPT AI Assistant, trained on your data handles customer queries 24/7.
Smart Segment Rules: Auto Segmenting
Automatically add segments to your conversations by custom rules (like message body contains, etc.)
Add a bot to your customer service
Autotrack customer data & one click integrations for analytics, marketing, advertising, and email
Jira Service Management
Create requests directly from a chat, link requests to conversations, and share them with customers.
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