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Inbound and outbound phone calls, all in your shared inbox.
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Improve call center management

Ringover cloud-based phone system has been deeply integrated into Crisp so you can handle phone calls straight from your shared inbox. Your teams can now focus on interacting with your customers instead of filling out data manually. Much more than a phone call center, Crisp will help you to benefit from a multichannel contact center that will centralize inbound messages from all channels across your activity, combined with data from multiple sources.

Make phone calls from one central place

Dial a phone number and start a phone call with your customers around the world straight from your team inbox. You can also be notified by phone calls in Crisp to benefit when there is an incoming call to your Ringover number.

Open Crisp profile directly from Ringover

Open and view the details of a contact saved in Crisp directly, by clicking on the red icon of the Ringover contact. This enables you to quickly view any important details about your customer without the need to search for the contact manually.


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Created: 3/29/2022

Updated: 9/7/2022

Category: Team Work

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