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Add custom features to Crisp, and add Crisp to your other apps
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Add custom features to Crisp

Ply lets you add custom features that connect Crisp to over 50 supported apps. With simple but effective interface builders, pre-built integrations, and data and logic helpers, you can add almost any functionality you want to Crisp conversations and contacts.

Add Crisp features to your other apps

You can also start conversations in Crisp, create or update contacts, send messages, and more – from any supported app in Ply. For example, you can add a button to Gmail that adds messages to new or existing conversations in your Crisp inbox, so your team can handle them 🙌

Set up your features' functionality in Ply's builder

Ply's easy-to-use workflow and interface builders let you create exactly the functionality you want, without having to code. Take care of specific, complex workflows involving conditional logic at the click of a button✨


Ply (RealFar Ltd)


Created: 12/13/2022

Updated: 12/14/2022

Category: Others

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