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YourGPT AI Bot

Your ChatGPT AI Assistant, trained on your data handles customer queries 24/7.
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Seamless Support Even You Are Offline

YourGPT AI Bot seamlessly handles customer queries and provides support even when you or your support team are offline. Customers can rely on continuous assistance, ensuring a smooth experience.

Trained on Your Data

YourGPT AI Bot is trained on your specific data, making it highly customized and tailored to your business needs. It understands your industry-specific terminology and can provide accurate and relevant responses to customer queries.

Chatbot Studio: Integrate third-party APIs and execute dynamic tasks

YourGPT AI Bot is designed to handle dynamic tasks efficiently. With Chatbot Studio, you can create tailored conversational flows to meet your specific business needs. Your bot is equipped to send interactive messages, perform AI tasks, execute API calls, and much more.

Multilingual Support

YourGPT AI Bot is capable of handling queries in multiple languages. It can effortlessly communicate with customers from different regions, offering a personalized and inclusive support experience.

Make Your Agents Super Agents

Make your agents super agents using our state-of-the-art AI features. With the "Find Answer" feature enabled, your agents can reply to customer inquiries with lightning speed in operator mode. This feature not only enhances your agent's productivity but also empowers them to manage customer questions with unparalleled efficiency. Provide your agents the power of GPT Models, assisting them in quickly finding answers to asked questions, adjusting tone, and much more.

24/7 Availability

YourGPT AI Bot is available round the clock, ensuring that your customers receive support at any time, day or night. It eliminates the limitations of traditional support hours, providing continuous assistance and reducing customer wait times.


YourGPT AI Bot is designed to scale with your business. It can handle a growing volume of customer queries using latest GPT Models. As your business expands, the bot adapts to meet the increasing demand for assistance effectively.


Rohit Joshi


Created: 7/11/2023

Updated: 4/17/2024

Category: Automation

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