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Create, link and comment Jira issues from your inbox
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Make bug tracking and tasks management easy with our Jira Integration

Thanks to our Jira integration, people in your Crisp inbox can now create issues straight in Crisp. They don’t have to switch from one tool to another which makes the workflow much easier. Support agents can share details to the right board and product or tech people can assess the complexity and the issue and prioritize it. Perfect way to improve your task management and simplify the bug tracking process.

Make data flow between Crisp and Jira

From your Jira dashboard, you can find details about each conversation that has been linked to a specific issue. This way, anyone within your organization can have access to details about a product feedback or a bug shared by a customer on any channel. Depending on the way you use Jira, this Jira integration can help you to streamline your data-sharing process within your company.

Centralize and commonize data among your organization

Sharing information within your organization can be painful and time-consuming. Using The Jira integration, you can search for existing issues. Helping your teams to avoid duplicating information and miss-sharing within the organization. The result? A bug tracking process that is much easier to handle for your teams and an easy way to improve tasks management.


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Created: 1/19/2022

Updated: 3/31/2022

Category: Team Work

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