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Our tickets center

The Ticket Center is the primary tool we offer to a hero when shifting. It makes the hero’s tasks easier than ever by centralizing tools when handling a ticket or a customer, but also, and most importantly, it makes Onepilot totally controls the shift’s experience.

Personalized Knowledge Base

A good KB is well-mapped, have clear processes (Loom videos help a lot), enough macros, relevant tags in order to easily find the question you are looking for and backlinks (related questions) in order to save time and reduce errors. This page gather some common characteristics.

Heroes Dashboard

Our heroes have a dashboard where they can track costs, number of tickets billed etc. Clients are also able to see heroes staffed, AOM, OA and Sales on this dashboard.

Client dashboard

Have a precise overview on why do clients contact you and you can drive your e-commerce strategy thanks to it + verbatims + product recommandations.


Activate Onepilot on the time slots, channels, ticket nature or languages you want in one click.




Created: 10/11/2022

Updated: 10/11/2022

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