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Get screenshots and technical info from your users right in your Inbox, without asking questions.
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Close conversations faster

Bugpilot makes it easy to collect detailed technical information from your end users right when they encounter a bug. With Bugpilot for Crisp, you can get visibility into what your users are seeing right when they ask for your support.

Get all the technical details automatically

With Bugpilot for Crisp, you get all the details your team needs to assess and fix issues in seconds. Each report includes the following details: - screenshot or screen recording - steps to reproduce - console logs and network activity - storage and cookies All the details are collected automatically, so you don't have to ask any question!

Share with one click

Stop copy-pasting! With Bugpilot, you can easily share bug reports with your colleagues, in just one click.




Created: 10/25/2022

Updated: 11/18/2022

Category: Automation

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