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All your pending crisp conversations and website visitors on a physical device for your offices
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Boost your workplace with real-time visibility

Thanks to the Crisp integration for the Smiirl connected counter, you can display the number of visitors to your website in real-time directly on your Smiirl connected counter. This allows you to track the popularity of your site and celebrate each new visitor with your team.

Optimize your customer support management

Don't let your customers wait! With the Crisp integration, your Smiirl counter displays the number of pending support conversations on Crisp. So you can react quickly and efficiently to deliver an exceptional customer experience and reduce wait times.

Keep an eye on your contacts database

The Crisp for Smiirl integration also lets you view the number of contacts in your Crisp CRM. Follow the evolution of your contact base and measure the impact of your marketing and sales actions. It's a great way to visualize the growth of your business and stay motivated to achieve your goals.


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Created: 12/13/2022

Updated: 4/27/2023

Category: Others

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