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Data Cleaner

Automatically cleanup contacts and delete segments from Crisp to keep your CRM tidy.
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Automatically or Manually Clean Contacts

Delete old contacts without conversations automatically on a scheduled interval or with the click of a button, keeping your Crisp CRM clutter-free.

Exclude Contact Segments

Fine-tune your CRM maintenance using the "Exclude Contact Segments" feature. Preserve essential contacts effortlessly, ensuring your CRM stays organized, relevant, and tailored to your needs.

One-click Segment Removal

Remove segments across contacts, people profiles and suggestions for conversations and people, all with a click of a button - one segment at a time.

GDPR Compliance Made Easy

Seamlessly adhere to regulations by removing obsolete data, enhancing privacy and compliance. Together with the Auto-Delete plugin that deletes conversations from Crisp, complying with GDPR is as easy as 1-2-3.




Created: 12/6/2023

Updated: 1/10/2024

Category: Automation

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