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Quick Actions

Tailor your Crisp inbox with customized actions for efficient operations.
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Define your own custom actions for the Crisp sidebar

Customize your Crisp sidebar with unique actions. Define the link to be triggered (webhook URL) and incorporate conversation specifics as adaptable variables in the URL or during the call.

Run actions directly from your Crisp sidebar

Run your custom actions right from your Crisp sidebar for a seamless chat experience. With a single click, trigger actions without navigating away from your conversation. Streamline your workflow with this integrated feature.

Validate and adjust parameters before running the action

Before making the call, a modal shows the details of your action. Here, you can fine-tune parameters as needed. This ensures accuracy and adaptability in every interaction.


Joao Aguiam


Created: 7/25/2023

Updated: 10/12/2023

Category: Automation

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