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Shared inbox for WhatsApp Business
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Build collaboration around your WhatsApp business account

Using WhatsApp to chat with your leads and customers is complex, especially if you’re handling a lot of messages. The WhatsApp inbox hasn’t been built for a collaborative use case, which is why it is so complex. Using Crisp, you’ll make collaboration easy and smooth to help your team get more work done, together.

Build chatbots for WhatsApp

Being overwhelmed by messages coming from WhatsApp can be easy. With Crisp, you can build chatbots that will make your life easier. The chatbot builder for WhatsApp is super easy to get started with and doesn’t require any coding skills. Combine chatbots with knowledge base articles to bring more consistency to your customer experience.

Make your shared Whatsapp Inbox efficient

Messenger, Emails, Telegram, or Line can be centralized in Crisp. It’s much more than a simple shared inbox for your WhatsApp business account. You don’t have to switch tools anymore and can benefit from incredible features. Canned messages are available to everyone in your team to save time on repetitive messages.

Get key analytics on your WhatsApp Business account

You’ll never be blind again! Build the best data-driven strategy using the analytics provided by Crisp. From response time to agents leaderboard or customer satisfaction score, track everything you need to build an incredible customer service experience.


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Created: 1/17/2020

Updated: 7/18/2022

Category: Messaging

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