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Live Chat and AI Chatbot Addon for Prestashop
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Install an online chat widget to your Prestashop online store in two clicks

Our Prestashop addon makes it really easy to install a live chat to your website. Thanks to our addon for Prestashop, you can add a live chat to your ecommerce store in two minutes. The chat widget is free to use for 2 agents and comes with an unlimited number of conversations.

Customizable live chat & AI chatbot for Prestashop

Brands and companies need website chat to fit with their brand identity, that’s why adding the Crisp live chat addon to your website will allow you to personalize it. Modify colors, position, text, and create custom behaviors using our JS SDK if needed. Your customers will love it!

Dedicated mobile apps to support your buyers wherever you are

Whether you’re in front of your swimming pool or on holidays, your Prestashop support addon is still with you, in your pocket. With dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android, your help is accessible from anywhere you go. It’s the best way to provide help to your buyers and improve the customer service experience.

Free Prestashop Live Chat & AI chatbot addon

What makes Crisp Live Chat extraordinary? It’s totally free for 2 agents and comes with a handful set of features: Mobile and desktop apps for you and your team, push notifications so you know when a customer starts a conversation, a contact form that lets you centralize your message. It’s a powerful and free Prestashop chat plugin.

Fastest live chat & chat bot addon for Prestashop

Did you know that chat widgets are slowing down your online store loading speed? In fact, most of them are not well optimized for Prestashop. Our live chat and AI chatbot software for Pretashop has been built to be light and efficient so it doesn’t slow down your buyers’ experience.

Combine Live Chat and AI chatbot to enlighten your customer support experience

Build powerful relationships with people browsing your Prestashop online store thanks to a free live chat that comes with built-in e-commerce features. The Prestashop module offers a free business chat that can be added to your ecommerce website. Once the plugin is enabled on your online store, the chat widget is available and allows you to engage with buyers or lead waiting for help. Not available immediately? Our AI bot builder offers the ability to craft chatbot scenarios that will help your

Help articles that feed the AI Chatbot

From your Crisp Workspace for Prestashop, you can create, manage and edit FAQ articles to build a dynamic FAQ for Prestashop. While being deeply integrated with your e-commerce website, the knowledge base is optimized for SEO and fully multilingual, helping you to build evergreen content, in any part of the world. The end goal? Increase the quality of your customer service by feeding artificial intelligence chatbot with your content to make customers more autonomous, while decreasing the amount

Empower support agents with key data and all communications’ channels in one inbox

Created for support agents, Crisp for Prestashop comes with built-in features made to help you skyrocket your productivity. Through channel centralization, Crisp allows your company not only to centralize live chat messages, but to be much more productive and efficient in handling customers’ requests, reducing time to resolution, by centralizing all your channels into one inbox.

Enhance support productivity with canned responses synced from your Prestashop data.

Created for support agents, Crisp for Prestashop comes with built-in features made to help you skyrocket your productivity. Through templated messages, your customer support agents can leverage templated messages, combined with Prestashop data synced through Crisp module to help them on their everyday tasks.


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Created: 8/2/2016

Updated: 5/14/2024

Category: CMS

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