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Export your data to your own warehouse.
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Simply retrieve your crisp data from your own database

Seamlessly access your Crisp data directly from your own warehouse. This efficient feature empowers you to manage and analyze your customer interactions and metrics with ease, all within the familiar environment of your own data warehouse. Say goodbye to complex data retrieval processes - Briskport simplifies it all, placing your valuable Crisp data right at your fingertips, in your own database

Retrieve Weak Signals

Utilize the data saved in your own warehouse to uncover subtle yet crucial customer trends and behaviors. This capability empowers you, our customer, to identify and act on these weak signals, enhancing your understanding and engagement with your audience. With Briskport, the power to deepen customer insights is in your hands

Database architecture

Explore the backbone of Briskport with our robust database architecture, designed for seamless integration and optimal performance. This snapshot offers a glimpse into the structured, secure, and scalable environment where your data is meticulously organized and stored. Experience the power of precision with a system built to support high volumes of data, ensuring reliability and swift access to your data within your own warehouse

Customer topologies that contact us most

Discover the diverse range of customers who reach out to us most frequently. Our platform caters to a vibrant spectrum of client topologies, from tech enthusiasts seeking cutting-edge solutions to non-tech users who appreciate simplicity and ease of use. We engage with new users exploring our services, loyal clients who have grown alongside us, businesses looking for robust solutions, and diligent researchers making informed decisions. Each interaction is a conversation that shapes our services


Lucas Jahier


Created: 8/23/2023

Updated: 1/23/2024

Category: Automation

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