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Save time by creating shortcut links within the Crisp inbox for your common tools or queries.
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Create dynamic links to access your favorite tools from your Crisp inbox

You can add as many links as you need and obtain direct access to your favorite tools to speed up your support work. Add links to Stripe, Salesforce, Logs, Analytics, Segment, Whatsapp, Slack etc.

No coding required, do everything from Crisp

Use user name, email, company details, or even Crisp custom attributes to create dynamic links that automate common search queries. It can work with both internal and external tools. Everything can be done within Crisp, without having to create an account and without code.

Get started in 1 minute

You can create your first Quicklink in under a minute! Do everything from Crisp, without having to create an account.


Julien Nahum


Created: 9/22/2022

Updated: 10/4/2022

Category: Automation

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