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Introducing our data analysis plugin that revolutionizes conversation tracking. Effortlessly monitor
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Unleash the Power of Data-Driven Conversation Management with Our Innovative Plugin!

Revolutionize conversation tracking with our cutting-edge data analysis plugin! Keep track of all conversations and their status with our easy-to-use summary section. Monitor success rate with innovative stars matrices. Track unsolved conversations to prioritize workload. Track solve time and first response to optimize workflow. Say goodbye to manual tracking and hello to streamlined conversation management with our plugin. Try it now for data-driven decision-making!

Ignite Your Data Insights with Our Dynamic Spark Line Visualizations!

Our plugin's spark line feature provides real-time visualizations of each metric's data over time, enabling you to track progress and identify trends effortlessly.

Unlock Valuable Insights with Our Intuitive Data Filtering Tools

Our plugin offers powerful filtering capabilities that allow you to easily access the data you need. With our intuitive interface, you can filter your reports by date range, specific agent, or even by a specific segment. This level of flexibility enables you to quickly drill down into the data and gain valuable insights that can help you optimize your team's performance. Whether you're looking to track the progress of a specific agent, analyze data for a specific time period

Gain Valuable Insights into Agent Performance with Our Comprehensive Agent Table

The agent table provides a comprehensive view of each agent's performance metrics. you can easily access insights such as total login time, total conversations assigned, and the number of conversations solved versus left unsolved. You can also view the total messages sent by each agent in these conversations, as well as their average first response and average resolve time. This wealth of information enables you to gain a deep understanding of each agent's performance.

Optimize Performance with Our Average First Response Chart

Average first response chart is a powerful tool that enables you to track the performance of each agent over a specific time period. By visualizing the average first response time for each agent, you can quickly identify patterns and trends that can help you optimize your team's workflow. Whether you're looking to identify top-performing agents or pinpoint areas for improvement, our average first response chart provides the insights you need to take action and drive real business results.

Conversations Insights & Events

You can access information such as when the conversation was created, who is currently working on it, and all the agents who have worked already. You can also view the current state of the conversation, the segments, number of review stars, total solve time, and when the first response was sent. Additionally, our plugin provides insights into each solve event, including the total number of solved events for this conversation and the agent's mean response time.

Get Actionable Insights with Our Comprehensive Report Charts

Our comprehensive report charts provide you with valuable data insights, including the number of conversations you receive versus the number of online agents you have during specific hours. You can also track the number of new conversations versus the number of solved conversations, as well as identify the cities that generate the most traffic.

Track Agents Availability

Using our report you can easily track the agents login, logout and away activity.


Hossam Ayman


Created: 3/18/2022

Updated: 5/12/2023

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