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Operators Analytics

See your operator's insights and follow their activities on crisp
Install Integration

Create a report where you will be able to see your operators insights

Follow your operator's activities on Crisp

Easily review your general insights

Quickly & in-depth review your website insights

Review your operators progress

In the Agents table, You can see each operator's progress and determine who needs to work more!

Review your conversations details

In the conversation table, You can see in-depth more about each conversation like what was the first response and when it gets solved, and by whom, in addition to the client rating

Clean charts for better understating!

Use these charts to understand what time you have more conventions and if your online agents are enough to close them, you can also track the operator login and logout from crisp!


Hossam Ayman


Created: 3/18/2022

Updated: 9/2/2022

Category: Others

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