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Sync your contacts between Pipedrive and Crisp automatically
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Make your data cleaner

Enjoy a seamless synchronization between Crisp and Pipedrive to make your data cleaner than ever. On both side. From live chat to email and social media, you can centralize all your contacts' details inside Pipedrive and vice versa.

Take benefit from a shared inbox

Crisp isn't just about live chat, it's a complete tool that makes the entire sales process much easier. Willing to centralize messages sent to a potential customer over a deal in Pipedrive? Simply add the deal's specific address.

Build flows effortlessly

Repetitive tasks are painful for teams, combine our Zapier integration with Crisp and Pipedrive to build the best-automated processes for your sales team.


Crisp IM


Created: 4/17/2018

Updated: 3/5/2021

Category: CRM

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