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Tabular - Email Builder

Create custom email campaign templates with Tabular and directly use them in Crisp.
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Build unique Crisp email campaign templates

Tabular gives you full control over your email campaign templates. Design your Crisp email templates in Tabular and automatically upload them to your Crisp account.

Use Crisp email variables

Crisp offers a set of variables that you can use to personalize your emails. Tabular's variable functionality allows you to set example values so you can design your email with specific use-cases in mind.

Select the Tabular team that will use the connection

After installing the plugin in Crisp you'll be redirected to Tabular. Here, you'll be able to select the Tabular team that will use the Crisp connection. You'll first have to log in to your Tabular account or create an account to access this page.

Connect Tabular to Crisp

After installing the Crisp plugin, you can always manually finish setting up the connection in Tabular. Easily connect your Tabular email to Crisp by entering the Crisp Website ID that has the Tabular plugin installed. Then, upload your email to Crisp whenever you make changes to your design.

Use your Tabular emails in any Crisp campaign

Select your new email templates when configuring your Crisp email campaign.


Tabular Marketing B.V.


Created: 9/28/2023

Updated: 10/11/2023

Category: Marketing

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