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Add a live chat chat plugin to your website in two clicks

Our Webflow integration makes it really easy to add a live chat to your website. Thanks to our integration for Webflow, you can add a live chat to your website in two minutes. The chat widget is free to use for 2 agents and comes with an unlimited number of conversations.

Customizable live chat for Webflow

Brands and companies need the live chat to fit with their brand identity, that’s why adding the Crisp live chat plugin to your website will allow you to personalize it. Modify colors, position, text, and create custom behaviors using our JS SDK if needed. Your customers will love it!

Free Webflow Live chat integration

What makes Crisp Live Chat extraordinary? It’s totally free for 2 agents and comes with a handful set of features: Mobile and desktop apps for you and your team, push notifications so you know when a customer starts a conversation, a contact form that lets you centralize your message. It’s a powerful and free Webflow chat integration.

Fastest live chat plugin for Webflow

Did you know that chat widgets are slowing down your website? In fact, most of them are not well optimized for Webflow. Our chat software for Webflow has been built to be lightest and efficient so it doesn’t slow down your website.


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Created: 3/1/2021

Updated: 3/5/2021

Category: CMS

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