Create a shared mailbox

Scale your customer support with our email solution. Looking to create a shared mailbox to improve your customer support ? This integration lets you receive all the emails from your customers in your Crisp Inbox. You're now able to create a shared inbox for all your teams: Marketing, Sales and Support. Just provide emails like, or and manages your emails as a Team!

Benefits of creating a shared mailbox:

  • Avoid distraction by keeping all your emails in Crisp

  • Be more productive with the Crisp Inbox features (Knowledge Base, Shortcuts, Assignments)

  • Know when users read your emails

  • Get your user information from the Crisp CRM

  • Share, receive images and files

  • Messages you receive are stored in the Crisp dashboard. Your chat history is safe.

  • Use the Crisp search engine to retrieve previous conversations

  • Unify your teams communication

  • Unify your teams communication