Easily customize your live chat

Make the chat window a part of your website using Crisp's customization options. Each part of the live chat can be customized to strengthen your brand identity.

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Building a coherent branding is one of the major asset of successful companies. In order to strengthen your brand identity, Crisp comes with a live chat customization plugin. It will let you customize your live chat and adapt it to your website's design. The chat customization plugin will let you customize multiple assets: chat welcome message, chat colors, chat position and you can even add chat offset in case of undesired rendering linked to your website's design.

Build coherent brand experience

Make your live chat fit with your brand identity

Customize live chat language

Ensure your international customers get the greetings they deserve

Customize agent profile

Apart from changing names & email, add a profile picture to make it more human

Ready to kickstart your livechat customization?