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With an increasing need for human relationships, companies need to humanize the relationship with their customers. To help companies improve their customer support, Crisp has built the perfect video call software which comes with no additional plugin. By engaging with audio or video call with customers, companies are now able to create human links with their users. Taking advantage of video chat for customer support can make your customer experience even more delightful, don't miss it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Video chat is an online face-to-face, visual communication performed with other Internet users by using a webcam and dedicated software. At Crisp, Video chat is dedicated to offer voice and video support for people that are browsing your website or your app. The term stemmed from programs that evolved from text-based chats to incorporating two-way video interaction. Video chat is usually used when video-based communication is incorporated into a preexisting service. For instance, at Crisp we incorporated video chat and audio chat software to our live chat software.

There are multiple ways to answer this question and choosing a video chat software can be complex. As a company that is looking for a video chat for your website, you should be looking at a global level. Do not look at video chat only but step back and think about it as a feature of your customer support platform so it can fit in a multiple of other solutions that can bring value to your entire company. Still, if you're only looking for the best video chat software, here is what you should look for: - Ability to start a video call (When, with who) - Additional plugin needed - Ability to be audio only - Screen-sharing

Since video exploded on the internet, people have been used to watch videos. For business, it has been seen as a powerful tool to improve engagement on websites. As of 2021, lots of people are browsing websites, looking for information they might not find. That's where video chat for business comes in. By offering instant video chat support, you make your customer able to get the right information immediately, they don't have to leave the website anymore. Another significant benefit: it'll make your brand much more closer to your customers.

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