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How to put your lead generation on autopilot thanks to Crisp Chatbot

Looking for a way to put your lead generation on autopilot? Discover how you can create a chatbot that will help you to get more leads while being asleep (or at the swimming pool).

Through this short video, you'll learn how to improve your lead generation thanks to a chatbot.

It's quite easy, you just have to create a chatbot that takes the lead when your team leaves the office.

Lead generation is an important process when building successful companies, thanks to a chatbot, you still can generate leads even if you're not in front of your computer.

Building a chatbot is quite simple thanks to Crisp chatbot. Try our 14 days free trial without any credit card to discover the power of Crisp chatbot.

Discover our feature here:

How to add a chatbot to your website thanks to Crisp:

4 chatbots examples built by Crisp's customers:

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Antoine Goret
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Key Moments


Start your chatbot scenario

Check for agents availability

Check for the day of the week on which you want your chatbot to trigger

Check for the time on which you want your chatbot to trigger

Craft your chatbot message

Set up an input field to grab lead data inside your chatbot workflow

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