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How to Install Crisp Live chat on Shopify

Want to use a Live Chat for free on your Shopify Website?

Discover how you can install our Shopify plugin in less than 1 minute with no coding skills.

This is a video tutorial to install Crisp on a Shopify website.

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Crisp a messaging platform that lets companies enhance customer journey through many features: HelpDesk, Live Chat, Drip campaigns, Chatbots and so much more.

Hosted by
Baptiste Jamin
Co-Founder & CEO

Key Moments


Create an account on Crisp

Look for the Shopify Integration

Add the existing subdomain of your Shopify store

Customizing your Shopify Live Chat

Invite other agents to your chat inbox

Get to know Crisp in its detailsWe recorded videos on various topics to offer you general knowledge about Crisp software.Go to our YouTube channel