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Facebook Autoresponder - How to build a Facebook Autoresponder For your Business

In this guided video, you'll get everything you need to build a Facebook autoresponder for your business.

Facebook is a tough company because it can show your average response time, meaning that if you're not responsive enough on this channel, it can impact your brand image.

By using an auto-responder, you'll avoid that problem because you'll always have someone (a bot) that will answer for you, even if you're not available.

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Hosted by
Antoine Goret
Marketing & Sales

Key Moments


Solution 1 - Build an autoresponder with Facebook Inbox

Solution 2 - Build an autoresponder with a Shared Inbox (like Crisp for example)

Build a Facebook autoresponder using Crisp Team Inbox

Connect Facebook Messenger to your inbox

Build an auto-responder

tip about building an autoresponder

Tips on how to build the most efficient and powerful autoresponder

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