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How to build a human-like behaviour for your chatbot?

A chatbot is still a robot. As they are engaging with your customers, it's always nice to make it behave more like a human than a machine. In order to improve the way your chatbot is behaving, here are a few tips to make it more human-like.

Chatbot for sales, Chatbot for marketing or so ever, every chatbot should have a human behaviour so it better interacts with customers and potential users.

By making your chatbot look more human, you'll better engage with your website visitors and improve engagement.

Using human-centered design technics will help you to craft a better experience for your leads and customers.

Human-centered chatbots are much more appreciated and used, it's time to take part in the process.

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Baptiste Jamin
Co-Founder & CEO

Key Moments


Tips n°1: Add a "show compose" action

Tips n°2: Introduce the chatbot as if it was human

Tips n°3: Get visitors data such as his name

Tips n°4: Reuse existing data to personalize the conversation

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