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How to setup Crisp with Facebook Messenger

With the increase of communications channels, companies now have to deal with multiple software to answer their customers. Thanks to Crisp, you can centralize and unify all your communications channels so that your company is much more efficient.

With Crisp, you can also connect Twitter, Emails, Line, Telegram, Live Chat, and many other communications channels to the same dashboard to create a shared inbox for you and your company.

Crisp helps you to reply to Facebook Messenger Messages directly from the dashboard without any differences for the end-users. Efficiency is back again! Thanks to this feature, companies will now be able to enhance their First Response Time and therefore, increase customer satisfaction and create a team inbox that centralizes all their messages.

You can even go further by sending automated replies straight to Messenger. Build Facebook autoresponder, Messenger Chatbot and many other great features thanks to this Integration with Crisp.

This video tutorial explains to you how to link Crisp with Facebook Messenger so that you can start to centralize all your customers' messages into one software.

Here is a video tutorial that explains how to set up Crisp with your Facebook Messenger Account.

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