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Usually, software and platforms are set as is and do not integrate advanced configurations. With Crisp, you can benefit from a chat SDK to empower interactions with our multichannel platform. Build custom behaviors based on your workflows through our SDK or API. It's the perfect tool to customize live chat behavior or Twitter and Facebook Messenger experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chat SDK or Software Development Kit allows you to add instant messaging on your Android or iPhone app or to your web app. From building your very own live chat to integrating a simple live-chat web app on your website or in your mobile app, this software kit helps you with everything that can make real-time communication easier.

A chat SDK is beneficial for any business that is willing to bring in real-time communication because it offers built-in features while being fully customizable. It means it can fit closely to each business and each use case, no matter the product or the software. Most of the chat SDKs available on the market come with a built-in API that offers the ability to combine your own data with a 3rd party chat or a global solution such as a customer communication platform.

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