A multilingual live chat for global customer support

Support your customers all around the world by offering a live chat that is translated in multiple languages. Crisp comes with a multilingual live chat that will automatically recognize customers' language and adapt itself. It's the best tool to bring personalization to your customers' journey if you do have a multilanguage website.

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Crisp offers a multilingual live chat that is translated in more than 50 languages. Reduce the hassle of your customers in contacting your support team. Display a live chat that is easy to understand for everyone and let your customers obtain resolutions to issues in the language of their choice. More than a simple translation, It gives your brand a closer look to your customers as you are speaking their words. All-in-all offer a multi lingual customer support to your leads or customers so they can interact with you seamlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As your organization grows and you start serving multiple countries, there is an absolute need to offer multilingual customer support. Whatever the channel: chat, phone, social media or email. Language cannot be a barrier anymore. In fact, offering support in the native language of your customer can increase the likeliness of repeat purchase by 73% and research shows that customers are interested in paying more to receive information and support in their native languages. While the need for multilingual support is established, discover how our customer support software can assist your team to better answer your leads and customer.

Using our software will let you start a native conversations with a simple click. Using live translate, you'll be able to offer a multilingual experience to your customers in a little to no time, on all the channels you're using to get in touch with your customers. To build the best multilingual customer support, here are some tips you should be aware of: identify the level of customer support that is needed, localize your knowledge base as well, teams must be able to chat internally.

Nowadays, customer support has to be seen on a brand new angle. With internet crossing borders and creating new markets, making customer support multilingual is a necessity for businesses around the globe. Multilingual support has to be done on various support: website, knowledge base, communication channel such as live chat, email or social medias.

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