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Frequently Asked Questions

A chat API is an application program interface that provides access to a server infrastructure with the stability and broad features required for real-time chat and messaging at a scale suited to your needs from an intimate conversation to a massive chat. It power up conversations. These are used for implementing chat and messaging features on websites, and other service providing web and mobile applications. These are great tools for marketing, sales and support purpose! Chat APIs allow you to create multiple communication channels on the website or application. You can create the most appropriate communication channel as per your business requirements and boost your business growth.

Chat API offers countless use cases only limited by your imagination. It essentially allows you to implement live (sometimes asynchronous) chat and multiple messaging Apps, such as Facebook Messenger, Line, Telegram or WhatsApp within your own mobile application, website, game, or other service. It can open new marketing, sales, support or advertising channels. It can also increase user engagement and retention as it makes customer happier. It emphasizes the core strengths of your product and gives your brand a better identity. Chat applications help your users interact with each other on your platform. This in a way builds user engagement and helps with retention, without actually needing a lot of resources from your business. Customers, rather end users are involved in providing each other with the necessary information they seeks via an instant messaging system. This saves them a lot of time and helps build your goodwill.

The first thing to check with a Chat API is its compatibility with your web or mobile application. Compatibility of an API depends on which platform your business application is built on and how smoothly it can incorporate third-party apps without demanding major technical changes and updates. Then, following our understandings, here is what you should look for when analyzing a chat API: One-on-one and group messaging, and open channel chat - Synchronization across all platforms - File & custom-data transfers - Chat history - Push notifications - Webhooks to receive real-time chat events and data on your server - Read receipts, delivery status, and typing indicators - Profanity filters and user blocking - Chat data analytics - Online and offline status indicators - Message retrieval API and a data export API - Moderation tools - Auto-thumbnail generation - AI and chatbot interface - Spam flood protection - File encryption - Announcement API and admin messaging - Channel auto-partitioning and smart throttling of messages - Auto-translation

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