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Customers prefer hearing and interacting with a human voice instead of emails or chatbots. Voicemail for customer support is the perfect feature for your company to bring trust and humanize your brand. With audio messages for customer service, companies can demonstrate that there are humans helping customers to fulfill their objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Voice messaging is a form of instant communication technology that uses the sender's voice to deliver a message. It serves as an alternate form of communication for emails, voice calls, or text messaging. As of 2021, It's a trendy channel for customer service. The voice messages are saved in the chat mailbox thread, allowing the receiver to listen to it multiple times.

Voicemail is a noun for an audio messaging system. Voice mail is the original spelling but is now an outdated form. A voice message is a message containing audio of a person's voice. Voice itself could be 'packaged' and sent through the IP backbone so that it reaches its marked 'address'.

Voice messaging can be more convenient than texting. It is much easier to talk for a minute or two than to write multiple sentences. You can also save audio messages to send them back again if needed. It allows the customer service agent to bring in lots of information very quickly. And, just like a text, the recipient can decide to listen and respond when they can. Recording yourself is also much more personal than texting. Listening to someone’s voice allows the recipient to sense the emotions behind someone’s words.

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