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Whatever you call it - Help desk, customer service software, support desk software or email management software - customers don't care about the tool. They care about the experience. Crisp brings a new way for your company to improve your email management. Simply streamline your email support workflows with dedicated features and tools that will make your customers happier. Using our email management software, teams are able to improve productivity, increase customers' satisfaction and better collaborate around one tool. it's time to build a modern email management strategy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Email management involves taking care of all aspects related to your emails and inbox management. Email management is especially useful for individuals and companies that get a large volume of emails on a daily basis and may find it difficult to handle and store them efficiently. Email is a powerful communication tool, especially for, business. Less intrusive than a phone call and asynchronous, which is great. The problem is, over the last decades, companies are overwhelmed with emails. Therefore, few tactics and tools have been created to help businesses to improve their email management. To sum-up, email management are all the tactics, tools and habits that lead companies and individuals to a better efficiency regarding emails.

On a business basis, there are few strategies your company can apply to reduce the amount of internal and external emails that are sent everyday. We just mentioned two essential thing: internal and external email. Both are time consuming and can be reduced. To improve email management, you have to reduce the amount of internal information you're sending over email. Tools such as Slack are a great way to decrease the total amount of information you're sending to your colleagues. To decrease the total amount of external email you're sending or receiving, you can start to create a knowledge base, that will let your customers or leads look for information by themselves. On a business basis, a shared inbox is inevitable when you want to adress the email problem inside an organization. More than a simple email management software, it will let you handle internal and external communication inside one tool to get more work done.

To manage large volume of emails, you can start by creating automated redirection toward the right department inside your company. For example, based on the email, you could send it towards the right account manager. Large volume of emails can also be treated through better self-service content disponibility. It will reduce the question customers have and improve their ability to use the product or the service without any help. Emails can be decreased by offering a live chat to your leads and customers so you can answer them instantly. Therefore, they don't have to send you an email.

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