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Social media has become an important medium for brands to communicate with customers or leads. Moreover, users are getting used to contact companies straight from social media. That's why it's now vital for companies to build the best social media customer service. With Crisp, you can centralize all your incoming messages in one social media inbox and reply to them. It's totally transparent for your customers and it comes with dedicated features for a delightful experience.

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Our social messaging inbox comes with dedicated features

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Discover the impact of emails or twitter within your company and improve quality of support

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Crisp platform lets your build dedicated chatbots to empower your social media customer service

Frequently Asked Questions

Social messaging is a trend coming from apps such as Facebook Messenger,Telegram, What’s App, and more. Typically they are used on Smartphone’s but also have website interfaces. Small or mid-sized businesses and companies need to pay attention to these changing trends as they become tools that businesses need to use to connect with their customers, and which may allow for advertising opportunities. They are where customers are spending time. Social messaging apps are not a flash in the pan. As these apps become the primary way people choose to communicate while using their mobile devices, companies need to adapt and change marketing strategies to reflect the usage of these apps.

Thanks to our social inbox, you'll be able to connect multiple social messaging apps to one inbox and answer customers seamlessly. Here is the list you'll be able to connect: - Facebook Messenger - Twitter DM - WhatsApp - Telegram - Line - SMS

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