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Nowadays, we depend on on teammates, more than ever, but traditionnal email software haven't been built for collaboration. Modern shared inboxes offer best-in class email collaboration software to make things simple and way more efficient for your teams or your business. Comment, mentions and share feedback internally while dealing with a customer request. Much more than a simple email collaboration tool, Crisp comes with multiple features, designed to make your life easier: automated assignment rules, Reminders and templated answers are available among amny other features. Thanks to a powerful collaboration system, your team will be able to share information accross the company, bring ownership to each conversation and mention the right team member that must take the lead upon the conversation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A shared inbox is a tool that allows employees of the same company to centralize messages from multiple communication channels (email, chat, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp) within a single interface. Also called collaborative messaging, this tool allows teams to no longer work in department silos thanks to collaboration features and intelligent routing of messages received. It is a very powerful modern tool for managing multichannel customer service.

With Crisp's shared inbox, you can create more than just a shared mailbox. You can create a collaborative inbox that centralizes the following communication channels: Emails, Live Chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Line, Telegram, SMS or even Twitter DM. Add to that many collaboration features for teams and you will understand how much this shared inbox can simplify the life of your teams.

Creating a shared mailbox is really easy. For example, if you use a tool like Crisp to centralize your communications, all you have to do is redirect your generic emails like or to our shared inbox and it's that simple.

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