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Collaborative inbox is often perceived as an email inbox. Crisp is even more! Our shared inbox offers an incredible business messaging inbox that centralizes all your messages from external channels. Organize, collaborate and manage social inboxes. Build a shared sms inbox, WhatsApp Shared Inbox, or Messenger, Telegram, and Line shared inbox. Collaborate effortlessly inside one inbox, assign conversations and improve first response rate with dedicated features: Knowledge base, CRM, Chatbots and much more ...

Get more work done, together.

End-up the thrill of unfinishable email threads, Crisp inbox lets you write internal notes on each conversation. Simply mention teammates on targeted threads to collaborate. Our universal inbox offers the ability to bring your team around one tool to work together and answer customers effortlessly. Crisp is designed for team collaboration and real-time communication, making it the perfect alternative to your individual mailbox

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Automate time-consuming workflows

Let your team focus on what really matters for your business and automate low-value action. Our shared inbox software comes with dedicated features that will let you automate repetitive tasks: Build routing rules to assign conversations automatically to a group of users, Create saved replies to automate answers for repetitive questions or simply create powerful chatbot scenarios to generate leads 24/7, even when you're sleeping.

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Build stronger customers' relationship

Creating delightful customers' relationships shouldn't be exclusive to big businesses

Access user ratings

Discover how much your customers love your support
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Deal with social messaging efficiently

Support customers on social media channels right from your team inbox
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Set reminders

Never miss a follow-up with your leads or customers
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Track your team inbox efficiency

With our shared inbox software, teams can easily view their performance and efficiency. They can all drill down to dedicated metrics such as average first response time or detailed activity reports such as messages sent, chat triggers deliverability and the current customers' satisfaction.

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Answer customers automatically

Build powerful autoresponders to scale your customers' relationship
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Route conversations automatically

Build routing rules that will fasten conversations' assignment
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Improve customer service email management

Don't let customer support emails slip through the cracks
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Centralize your customers' and lead data

Our all-in-one inbox offers the ability to access a dedicated customer data management platform. Connect Your Shared Inbox to a CRM. Get a complete picture of every customer or lead, including their location, activity, and more. Filter and target customers by the actions they do or don’t take in your app. Build a data-driven strategy thanks to our universal inbox.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A shared inbox is a collaborative inbox that lets multiple users read and send email messages as well as chat messages, social media messages and different channels. For example, you can build a shared WhatsApp inbox from your team inbox. A Shared inbox software is a tool that lets companies get more work done through automation and collaboration. A shared inbox is different from a shared mailbox as a shared inbox offers the ability to centralize multiple channels such as emails, live chat messages, Messenger, WhatsApp or even phone calls. Benefits of a shared inbox are numerous ... Better collaboration, more transparency, Improved reactivity, Clear ownership ... Creating a shared inbox is everything you need to skyrocket your business.

A shared inbox for teams (also known as a team inbox) can be accessed and managed by multiple users inside the company. Everyone with access to a shared inbox tool can send and receive emails from a shared email address or a personal mailbox, view an archive of all sent and received emails, and save emails in shared folders. Modern shared inbox tools for teams also include the ability to receive and answer messages from social media such as Messenger, WhatsApp or Twitter, allowing you to create a shared sms inbox or a shared WhatsApp inbox. It makes the collaborative inbox a better collaborative place for teamwork and increases productivity for the whole company.

A collaborative inbox helps teams get more work done by sharing communications transparently across organizations, it's one of the best alternatives to a traditional mailbox. With better communication, teams can improve their customer support. A collaborative inbox is also known as a shared inbox and lets businesses run automated workflows like assignments and email notes to increase their first response time. For example, WhatsApp inbox isn't built for collaboration, that's why using Crisp, you can build a shared WhatsApp inbox and benefit from numerous features to improve collaboration and productivity.

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