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Creating an automated customer service

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Creating an automated customer service using chatbot and knowledge base

With the teams at Hotel B&B, we created an internal helpdesk that focuses on helping our hotelkeepers to be more autonomous. We combined the chatbot and the knowledge base to provide help in real-time and decrease the total amount of questions we receive every day from our managers.

The internal knowledge base is super helpful because we can write articles, guides and how to articles that can help our business managers to be guided in their day-to-day tasks.

Beyond Crisp, the goal was to create a proof of concept so we could scale the idea for the B2C market and provide automated customer service to the people that are browsing our website.

Nowadays, the chatbot is assisting hotelkeepers in their day-to-day tasks by providing real-time asssitance that combines an AI chatbot and an internal knowledge base.

Creating an AI Chatbot with Dialogflow and Crisp

To make the chatbot smarter, we integrated DialogFlow, which is an NLP platform that can connect to conversational software such as Crisp. Using this tool, we created a machine learning model that keeps on improving throughout the time.

This has been possible thanks to the API that are available in Crisp. They are easily integrable with a large suite of tools. It was one of the reason that led us to choose Crisp rather than any other platform on the market.

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