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Crisp has helped us reach our goals for various reasons. At first, we noticed that it was creating a new channel of communication between us and our leads or customers. It enabled us to get more feedback and improve our customer service by sending better and faster answers. It has been really powerful for us because we were able to pinpoint things we didn't even know it was not good to the eyes of our customers.

Therefore it has generated a strong impact on our sales volume, quickly after the setup.

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Help the customer through his lifecycle:

Thanks to the knowledge base, we are able to offer a 24/7 customer service so even if we're not available, our customers can find an answer to their questions. We're only getting started with the help articles but it feels like it can do a lot for our customer experience.

The knowledge management system built into Crisp makes it super easy to handle. We've combined it with the chatbot so our customers can receive instant answers automatically, late at night or on weekends, which is great! It gives us more time to focus on what really matters while making our customers more autonomous throughout their lifecycle.

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