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My day starts with Crisp as we are providing a service that is used all over the world (mainly in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Algeria). Crisp helps me to better understand the customer experience while getting closer to my users all over the world.

Thanks to Crisp, our users can leave a message while they are using our tool. They are super busy people so they can't spend a large amount of time to connect over the phone with the team. One might think our industry is not a good fit for tools like Crisp but it's wrong. Using Crisp, we are able to provide a better customer experience to energy managers in industrial companies.

I have been using a lot of customer service tools in the past and I have to say that Crisp is the best. Not only for the features they provide but also in terms of reactivity. Their customer service is awesome.

We have started to use Crisp 2 years ago it's been super great. Since then, they've kept on improving the tool.

Gathering the team around one tool

More than a customer service tool, Crisp is a great conversational tool for marketing and sales teams. Using the Hubspot integration, we can synchronize the leads generated over Crisp to our CRM so our sales and marketing have up to date data at their fingertips.

We can easily route conversation to sales and marketing team depending on the origin of the conversation. The WhatsApp integration is super helpful because we can transform the business account into a shared inbox.

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