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Preventing doubts from getting into our customers' mind

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More than 34 000 messages from 1900 conversations
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A fundamental tool to communicate with our clients in a fluid way

We use Crisp on a day to day basis because it helps us to communicate with people browsing our website in real-time. It's also a great tool for sending newsletter and mail communications. In the world we live, providing real-time conversations to leads or customers helps us to prevent doubts from getting on their minds.

Thanks to Crisp, we never miss an opportunity to have a new customer because even if we're not in front of our computer, the mobile apps help us to be reactive at any time.

Crisp is much more than a customer support tool, it's also a tool that we use to sell our products to new customers. Using Crisp, we're able to gather the entire team around one platform to help resolve each requests.

Taking advantage of the email marketing tool

More then just a live chat software, we use Crisp as an email marketing tool too. It helps us a lot to communicate with our customers when we have announcements to do. Thanks to the email marketing solution available in Crisp, we can manage email campaigns in a simple and easy way.

Email templates are available so they can shared among the entire team and improved through the time. The wysiwyg email editor is also super helpful when we need the marketing team to add some content to the email we're sending.

Overall, Crisp is a super deal for startups as they provide an interesting offer top get started.

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